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Xerox Customer Support

Fuji Xerox Australia is an industry leader in customer support. Our emphasis is on maximizing uptime so you get the most productivity from your investment. Be it online, over the phone, or on-site, our comprehensive range of support services enable issues to be resolved as soon as possible. Our Xerox Customer Support goal is to achieve operational excellence in service solutions. Our highly skilled team is continually developing new support skills and capabilities to provide you with world class service.

Remote support: Our comprehensive eSupport system enables issues to be resolved online through the Fuji Xerox Online Support Assistant or over the phone. With over 50% of total resolutions occurring without on-site assistance, downtime is reduced from hours to just minutes.

On-site support: For hardware issues requiring on-site service, our team of engineers, analysts, Docu Care and Valets can promptly and effectively service your device, where and when convenient. Our service coverage network consists of approximately 30 dealers, all with fully trained teams of technicians who are well equipped to support you, even in the most remote locations.

Support for our service staff: With direct access to our product development teams, our Customer Technical Support specialists ensure our technical staff have all the support they require – so your issue is never left unresolved.

Our Support Products