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Xerox Repair Service

Delivering a positive customer experience is one of our core values. From technicians answering phones in call + I 855-785-25II centers to service specialists, via Xerox Repair Service, we strive to improve the customer experience at every touch point. The staff had received a call from an out-of-state customer who became upset and made several threats. He said he was ‘down to blow up the building. Sales administration functions, such as contract and sales management for Fuji Xerox and its 34 sales companies, will be consolidated and carried out at two locations, east and west part of Japan.

Xerox Service Creative will standardize and reengineer the operation processes that currently vary among the companies, not only to increase operational efficiency but also to achieve higher customer satisfaction through enhanced business quality. Furthermore, the accounting function for the 34 sales companies, which are currently incorporated to Fuji Xerox accounting, will be shifted to the new company to reinforce its connection to the sales administrations, aiming to further improve efficiency in accounts payable/receivable operations and their quality.

Due to the scheduled conclusion of a contract for the services supported by our Lewiston operations, we are making the necessary yet difficult decision to close the facility. We realize this affects individuals and every effort is being made to ensure that all employees are treated fairly. This decision impacts one specific business unit and is not associated with Xerox’s previously announced decision to separate into two independent companies

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