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Xerox Technical Support

Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object, by a third party typically known as a MSP, on behalf of a customer. The operative distinction that sets apart a MSP is the proactive delivery of their service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades. While the term MSP may be somewhat generic these days, there are many types of MSPs who deliver specific services or manage specific types of customers. Some of the more common types of solutions include security, storage, desktop, server, hosting, applications, and mobile device management, scanning, imagining, printing and copying. Reach Technologies is authorized by Xerox to provide support (including warranty repairs) for their equipment. Our specialists are all approved and trained by Xerox, so they’re able to use the numerous resources at their command to quickly restore your equipment to its proper state of functionality. We presently provide maintenance work on these Xerox units

Xerox printers are unquestionably top-of-the-line, but they’re still electrical machines and consequently may require servicing from time to time. Reach Technologies is connected to various corporations (both local and national) that specialize in printer preservation, so that Xerox can put more time into developing and circulating their high-grade printing hardware. This servicing may include in-person preventative upkeep and/or fixing non-working machines, so your employees won’t be forced to operate a defective unit. The University of British Columbia has chosen Xerox Global Services as a preferred partner to provide Managed Print Services. Our partnership supports UBC's mission of providing students, faculty and staff with the best possible resources and conditions for learning and research.

Our on-site services include printing, copying and scanning, wide-format printing, design and communication, print management and device support. Take a few minutes to browse our website or download our site's service brochure. Our goal is to make it easier, better and less expensive for every faculty and department to produce and manage documents.

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